Succession Is Giving Us 10 Extra Episodes Then Telling Us to F*ck Off

All factual things must always come to an conclude. HBO’s Succession, which has slowly developed from a cult well-liked into an Emmys juggernaut, is wrapping up with Season 4, help as a lot as 10 episodes after Season 3 turned into pretty of shortened (telling its fable in most efficient 9 episodes). Anybody who’s been alongside for the scurry with the Roy household—including Logan, Kendall, Roman, Shiv, Connor, Tom, and Cousin Greg—will ultimately get pretty of closure as we assume how the darkly hilarious (and continuously compelling) saga of Waystar/Royco plays out.

We have made it by strategy of three years of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) psychologically abusing and manipulating his young people (Jeremy Sturdy, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, and Alan Ruck), and now that the display conceal is coming to a end, everyone wants to be wondering the identical inquire: will Logan ultimately lose? The resolution, unfortunately, is liable to be no longer. But as sports fans bid, that’s why we play the sport.

Season 3 saw a broad shift in Succession‘s fable. After the season began with what finally amounted to a failed company coup (and persona assassination of Logan) by Kendall, it ended with the Roy young people coming together in agreement that they wished to “abolish” their father. Other than there turned into one minute bother—drained of being abused by Shiv, Tom (Shiv’s husband, carried out in an Emmy-winning turn by Matthew MacFadyen) ratted their thought out to Logan. Logan then received the jump on his young people, selling the company to the eccentric Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård), and sending the display conceal into entirely uncharted waters for its closing lag-round.

How will this all conclude? Effectively, fortunately, we private received a rotund 10-episode season to search out out.

When is the next episode of Succession Season 4 popping out?

Every episode of Succession Season 4 will air on HBO on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM EST, and will be readily accessible to circulate on HBO Max on the identical time. In declare that capacity the next episode will air on Sunday, April 16, 2023, at 9:00 EST.

How many episodes of Succession Season 4 are left?

Season 4 of Succession is 10 episodes in total, and three of those ten private now aired. That implies there are seven episodes—and 7 weeks of Roy household backstabbing madness—closing except the tip of the display conceal.

Stream Succession Season 4 Here

Here’s the complete originate time table for HBO’s Succession, Season 4.

Episode 1 – Now streaming as of March 26

Episode 2 – Now streaming as of April 2

Episode 3 – Now streaming as of April 9

Episode 4 – Streaming on April 16

Episode 5 – Streaming on April 23

Episode 6 – Streaming on April 30

Episode 7 – Streaming on Would possibly simply 7

Episode 8 – Streaming on Would possibly simply 14

Episode 9 – Streaming on Would possibly simply 21

Episode 10 – Streaming on Would possibly simply 28

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